The Credentialing Coalition

The Credentialing Coalition

The Veterinary Nurse Initiative Coalition is moving forward. Have you made your voice heard yet?

July/August 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 4

The Volunteer Spirit

The Volunteer Spirit

Volunteers are essential to the success of many projects, often working long, hard hours for the reward of community success. Do you have the volunteer spirit?

May/June 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 3

NAVC just completed its 2017 Conference—the last one with that name—in its new home, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). Of all the NAVC Conferences I have attended, this one was the most amazing.

If You Missed It…

This year, the NAVC Conference settled into a new home. Next year, it settles into a new name! Find out what happened this year and how the NAVC is already looking to the future.

March/April 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 2

Editor's Letter

Am I a Veterinary Nurse?

What’s in a name? As NAVTA explores the Veterinary Nurse Initiative, discussion around the term “veterinary nurse” is growing.

November/December 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 6

The Definition of Home

The Definition of “Home”

Home is a feeling. It may be a feeling that you associate with where you grew up, or where your children grew up. It may be a friend’s house, or a favorite vacation spot. If you are lucky, it’s where you are right now.

September/October 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 5

Advice From a New Puppy

Advice From a New Puppy

Our new puppy family member is Quinn, a playful prankster. Our trustworthy and faithful golden retriever, Emme, passed away recently, and our home was just too empty and too quiet. We couldn’t stand it. I’m sure you know the feeling.

July/August 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 4

The Power Trip

Veterinary technicians have a true passion for what we do. With that passion, we can become great leaders. Many times, however, we are afraid to follow our passion because we are afraid to fall down. It’s okay to fall.

May/June 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 3

Zoobiquity: For Me, It’s Personal

Zoobiquity: For Me, It’s Personal

In October 2014, my veterinarian husband noticed a swelling on the left side of our sweet, old golden retriever’s face. Maybe it’s nothing serious, we reassured ourselves as we proceeded with the diagnostics. The histopathology results were devastating. Emme had a malignant melanoma.

March/April 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 2

Editor's Letter

What Moves Me?

The 2016 NAVC Conference theme is “What Moves You?” On the surface, this may seem like a simple question.

January/February 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 1